Kremer Art FAQ

How long does it take to complete each drawing?
Approx. 100 hours
What medium do you use?
I use a mix of carbon pencil, graphite, and charcoal.
Where do you ship from?
Arizona, USA
What does it mean to ‘pre-order’?
Pre-ordering means you order the drawing while it is still in progress. The price is discounted at 20% off, and will increase once the drawing is completed.
 Where is shipping available?
Anywhere and everywhere! Shipping is through USPS.
 After I’ve placed my order, when will it arrive?
Most orders will arrive within 10-15 days of order placement. Pre-Orders will arrive 15-20 days after the drawing is completed.
 Do you sell originals?
I offer originals starting at $1,000 (USD)
 What is an ‘original’?
As the name suggests, it is the original copy of a drawing. They are done specifically for you, and are only sold once. This means that the drawing you receive is one of a kind! Often times people order originals that are pictures of loved ones, pets or memorable moments. Reference photos are needed to complete the drawing.
 Why do originals cost more than prints?
Since each drawings takes 100+ hours to complete, the cost has been broken down to $10/hour. That’s minimum wage in the state I live in :)  
 How long have you been drawing? 
I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember!
Where did you attend school?
Herberger School of Art and Design 
Do you have any discounts?
Pre-ordered drawings are 20% off.
Where can I watch your drawing?
You can see my drawing live every Tuesday, from 10am-1pm and 5pm-8pm PST at