Image of Artist Justin Kremer, Kremerart, Trialmagic

Justin Kremer was born January 25th, 1988 in Billings, Montana. His artwork consists of a mixture of carbon pencil and graphite drawings that aim to capture the beauty found in nature, people and music. Growing up he had the opportunity to live in places that inform his work today. These places include Grand Canyon National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Lake Powell and Lees Ferry, Arizona.

Justin has had a passion for drawing his entire life. From his early days drawing Dragon Ball Z cartoon characters for fun to the realistic portrait and landscape drawings done today he has always been intrigued by the process of bringing life to a blank page. Being an introvert and very soft spoken he feels his artwork can do most the talking for him. There was a simplicity found in the process of drawing that he was pulled to. All that is needed is a pencil and something to draw on.   

In April of 2013 Justin began hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. The PCT is a trail that runs from Mexico to Canada and takes approximately 5 months to hike. This journey shaped Justin in many ways. He discovered that music and art would always be a part of his life's journey. He was also able to experience what it was like to live with all his possessions carried on his back; something he had wanted to do all of his life.

After his journey on the PCT and working various odd jobs, Justin found a place that harbored all of his talents; a place where he felt at home. This place is called Twitch.tv. Twitch.tv is an online broadcasting platform that has allowed Justin to combine his passion for music, artwork and video games, and share his talent with viewers all over the world. On ‘Artistic Tuesday’ you can find Justin drawing live, answering questions and interacting with viewers about his process. Throughout the week you can also see him playing acoustic guitar along with a variety of video games. You can find his channel at twitch.tv/trailmagic.  

In the future Justin would like to continue pursuing his passions of drawing, music and video games. He currently resides in Tempe, Arizona living with his girlfriend Payton, and their two cats, Remus and Pumpkin.